Sometimes it’s all about how you wrap the favors in order to make them look different. You can choose the same bottle openers or candles that most couples go for, but the way you arrange them and personalize will give them that unique touch. There are many kinds of boxes and pouches you can use for edible favors, decorative ones and many other styles. Once you know what your thank you gift will be, it’s easy to start choosing bows and ribbons. If you love candy, there are some delicious treats you can add in colored gift boxes. You can also add the mints in heart shaped boxes or in butterfly containers.

Play around with the colors and the flavors to make these keepsakes special. In the boxes you can also wrap up some picture frames which you can do on your own. With the use of all kinds of supplies and gemstones you can create some handmade picture frames. Buy cheap wooden ones or brushed gold ones and then use glue and other ornaments to make them look different. Then you can use a simple gold or glittery bow to decorate the box in which these picture frames are added. You can also add some miniature albums or agendas in white boxes and then add your names or initials on these boxes.

Wedding Box Favors

Wedding Box Favors (Photo by: thecupcakelicious)

You can find all kinds of shapes and some can have a thicker cardstock than others. If the favors are heavy items make sure to choose a quality gift box. You can also opt for mini velvet boxes in which you can add charms if this is your idea. You can also make your own boxes and glue or draw something on them. Decorating your own gift box will be a lot cheaper than buying the ones that are already decorated. By adding double loops and engraving the boxes, you will give them a more personalized touch which will remind the guests of your wedding. So when choosing these keepsakes make sure to pay attention to their display and exterior look and not just what is inside the container.


Many symbols can be used for the making of your wedding favors. Whatever you decide to use make sure that these elements are a symbol of your wedding concept. Daisies for instance are the perfect choice for a spring or even summer theme. They can be the silk version or the natural one. You will need to analyze some prices and check out different flower shops before you buy the flowers. You can make some small bouquets and add a personalized card to each one. You can write a quote on this card or just a simple message of gratitude. You can also use silk or natural flowers as decorations for the favors. You can use them to wrap up some gift boxes or some glass containers.

You can also buy some shot glasses with daisy images on them. These images can be painted or drawn in abstract ways on the glasses These glasses can be filled with mints or gum. You can also look for bigger containers or even jars with this kinds of symbols on them. What you decide to add in these containers is up to you. Daisy shaped soaps can also be found in specialized stores. Or you can have them custom made if there is no limit to your budget.

Daisy Wedding Favors

Daisy Wedding Favors (Photo by: SoapyChica)

The soaps can even smell like the actual flower. Then use a colored ribbon to wrap the soaps and clear cellophane. You can also add the soaps in a flower shaped container or in some colored wrapping paper. Of course the wrapping paper can have daisy designs on it. Candles shaped like daisies can also be bought, key chains, brooches, charms and so on. Analyze the prices and of course the items. Choose whichever styles and designs you like, just make sure that these keepsakes have the daisy symbol on them. If you want to make your own daisy favors, bake muffins and then use colored icing to make a simple daisy design on top. There are lots of other edibles you can use and all of them can have a daisy symbol incorporated in their look.


Your wedding favors should be a reflection of your wedding theme. There are many items you can use as keepsakes, but how you make them stand out is what truly makes a difference. If you decide to use candles as favors, you should decorate them in your own way. You can also choose special scents so that the guests will always connect the scent with your wedding event. There are many different colors you can opt for. You can also use sweets as favors which you can make at home. Homemade cookies or pies will taste delicious especially if you are talented in the kitchen and you love making these baked goods.

You can decorated the pies with whipped cream and add them in some unique looking gift boxes. If you want to make cupcakes, use some sugar figurines to decorate them. You can also make homemade chocolate and then cut it in the shapes and sizes you want. Candy can be bought from candy stores and you can choose a diverse mixture. They can be as colorful as you want and you can add them in pouches or in some miniature jars. A candy buffet is also a great idea which you can include in your wedding reception. Place the candy in jars, add some scoops and of course containers.

Creative Idea Wedding Favor

Creative Idea Wedding Favor (Photo by: modwedding)

This way the guests can opt for whichever flavors and bonbons they like. You can also buy honey jars and add your own personalized label on them. A picture of the two of you would also be a nice touch. Soaps can also be bought and you can look for unusual shapes like flowers, stars, butterflies and make sure they are scented ones as well. You can simply wrap them up in colored wrapping paper and add a bow around them. There are many items you can choose from. Some are simpler than others but it’s your job to make them stand out. This can be done with just a little imagination and the right embellishments.


Containers come in different shapes and sizes. Some prefer gift boxes while others rather go for tins. Jars and other types of glass containers can also be used for bigger favors. If you want to use something inexpensive yet useful for the guests like edible favors, there are many containers you can add them in. Plastic cones can be bought from specialized stores and you can fill these cones with candy or mints. The more colors you use for this favor idea, the more exciting and appealing the gift will look. There are lots of flavors you can choose from and since this is your wedding, you can choose whatever you like.

Candy shaped as flowers or as hearts can be found in many stores. These are quite popular shapes you can go for. You can also find mini chocolate bars shaped like a wedding cake or a slipper. They can also be added in the cones. Candy floss is another great favor you can use in this type of container. It can be pink, green, yellow and a lot of other color combinations. Usually a certain color reflects a flavor you have chosen. Red means a strawberry or cherry flavor while white stand for vanilla and so on. Other favors you can add in these plastic cones are cookies.

Clear Plastic Cone Wedding Favors

Clear Plastic Cone Wedding Favors (Photo by: Ribbons and Favors)

They can be made by you if saving up money is on your list. If not, there are lots of bakers that can make delicious cookies or even macaroons. You can add whichever edible treats you want in these plastic cones and more. Just make sure that the items you go for are suitable for the theme you wish to represent. Don’t forget to add the traditional “thank you” message on these favors or you can even personalize them. Find a way to use representative elements for your theme and base this favor on your likes. These containers are pretty affordable so you won’t have to worry about spending too much money. What you do decide to add in them and how much will you be spending on the actual favors is up to you.


Chocolate can be very pricey so if you are thinking of including it as part of your thank you favors, you should consider choosing the less expensive version. You can find some tasty chocolate bars under the price of $2 and wrap them up nicely in colored wrapping paper. You can also buy some pralines and add them in a tin or a miniature jar. The flavors for these chocolates are endless. They can be filled with rum and nuts, strawberry and milk, vanilla dark chocolate, brandy and cinnamon an all kinds of other combinations. You should taste a few samples before you make up your mind.

Online you can find various chocolate fillings and some really unique shapes as well. Pralines are quite affordable but you can also buy mini chocolate bars. You can also think of your own way of wrapping them and personalizing them. You can buy wrapping paper with all kinds of models on it and use it to wrap up your favors. You can also make your own chocolate at home and you will not have to spend that much money. A homemade chocolate will taste a lot better and it can’t get any more personalized than this. There are recipes you can use from candy stores and bakeries or you can use your own secrete recipe.

Chocolate Wedding Favor Under $2

Chocolate Wedding Favor Under $2 (Photo by: Madeleine Ball)

It might take some time to make all of these chocolates, but the best part is that you can play with the shapes as sizes however you want. You can even make white chocolate pralines instead of dark ones. Then use sprinkles on top of them which you can buy from any local supermarket. Play around these favors and make sure you choose a one a kind look for less money. These favors are just symbolic gifts so don’t worry about spending more money on them. The important thing is that they turn out perfectly and they taste amazing. The more effort and dedication you invest into making your chocolate favors, the better they will turn out.


There are lots of cheap options when it comes to choosing your wedding favors. Most of them can be found in stores. If you are looking for a symbolic thank you gift for the guests, coasters would be a great purchase. You can find lots of models and designs which you can easily use for any theme you might haven planned. For a fall themed wedding, look for coasters that are either shaped like a leaf or that have leaf designs on them. These coasters can come in a set of six or you can give one for your lady guests and another for the male guests. Look for the same symbols on the coaster only in different colors.

For a beach theme, sea elements can be painted on these coasters. You can find fish designs, seaweed, sunset drawings and many other fun elements like these. For such a wedding theme you can even opt for bamboo coasters or picture frame inspired ones. You can even decorate and make your own favors. Buy simple colored coasters and then use faux jewels to adorn these keepsakes. You can write your initials with these gems or you can think of some designs you wish to create. There are also coasters with patterns on them. You can then look for some pouches or even boxes in which you can add these sets.A simple ribbon around them will also work.

Cheap Wedding Coaster Favors

Cheap Wedding Coaster Favors (Photo by: tang.theresa)

If you don’t want to personalize the coasters you can do so with the actual boxes. Add your marriage date on them or a quote you really like. Make sure that whatever colors you choose for these favors, they represent your wedding concept. The style of the coasters and the design on them has to reflect the idea you’ve started with when planning this important event. Price wise, you will find many affordable coasters at discounted shops and in online stores. Just browse different styles before you make your final choice. If you order them from an online store make sure to place the order as soon as possible because it might take a while to get to you.


When it comes to wedding favors, you can get pretty creative. All you have to do is find elements that will help you reflect the theme you’ve chosen. And this should be easy enough as well. The hard part is finding a way to make these mementos stand out. You should think of a symbol related to weddings since this is what you are celebrating. Bells are quite common wedding favors and you can find many different styles for these keepsakes. They can be edible bells which will surely make delicious wedding mementos. They can be chocolate bells and white chocolate ones. If you want to give them a more personalized touch, engraving them would be your best option. You can add your initials on the bells or your wedding date.

The size of the bells can be a small one or they can be bigger. It just depends what you are looking for. You can also look for wooden bells which can be a true work of art. Theses bells can be done by artists who know how to work with wood. They can made out of a light colored wood or a darker one. On wood it’s also easy to engrave all kinds of messages, so make sure you think of an original one. There are glass bells which will also make perfect wedding keepsakes.

Bells Wedding Favor

Bells Wedding Favor (Photo by: Sila EKE)

They can be crystal bells which can be quite valuable or they can be made out of simple glass. You can even paint on the glass if you are looking to add some elements on these favors. Paint leaves, flowers, geometrical shapes, stars and whatever other symbols you might think will give them an embellished look. You can also ask someone else to paint the bells and help you with these favors. It might seem easy picking a few of these bells ornaments, but there is more to this task than meets the eye. Being creative with these favors is no easy job and is all in the bride and groom’s hands.


You can incorporate lots of fun elements as favors into your wedding reception. You can use your favors as centerpieces which can be taken home at the end if the reception. Add some unique candle arrangements or even some edible decorations. You can bake tasty cupcakes which you can adorn with some colored frosting. They can even look like small Santa figurines if you are planning a winter holiday theme. Make white hats using white frost and a funny face on the cupcake. You just need to be creative with these elements if you want them to stand out.

You can also add colored cookies or some macaroons on silver trays which later on the guests can take home. Putting together a candy buffet is a fun idea and you can add as many assortments you want. Find some Mason jars and add the candies in the jars. Next to them use some scoops and pouches so that the guests can take home as many mints and bonbons as they want. Add in some colored lollipops as well or candy canes. You can also set up a photo booth outside the reception where the guests can take comical pictures and then take them home. There will be lots of funny pictures taken that night once everyone starts enjoying themselves. This might be a bit pricier but if you are looking for something unique, you will score with this.

Ideas For Wedding Reception Favors

Ideas For Wedding Reception Favors (Photo by: Pink Martinis and Pearls)

You can also hire someone who does portraits and caricature and the guests can benefit from this. Or you can stick to some traditional wedding favors like wine openers, honey jars, soaps and sweets. They are a lot more inexpensive and you can find unique ways to give them to the guests. They can be displayed on a tables at the entryway way or on your actual wedding tables. What truly counts is that you thank the guests. It doesn’t matter how much or how little these favors cost as long as you are pleased with them and as long as the guests appreciate your effort.


If you are on a tight budget regarding your wedding, you need to be cautious with all your expenses. If you want to include wedding mementos, look for affordable ones so that you do not spend more than you initially planned. There are lots of popular favors you can opt for and some of these favors are not expensive items. Candy is a great favor and you can find plenty of these kinds of treats in online candy stores. You can place an order for candies with your initials or with personalized wrappers for the chocolate bars. You can also make cupcakes or order them. The can be very colorful and have an unusual shape.

There are bakeries that have excellent prices for these cupcakes. Bottle stoppers are fairly inexpensive and they will make great wedding favors. You should be creative with these items and use a bow to decorate them. Look for unique styles and amazing prices. Photo frames are also a part of this popular wedding favor category. Most couples decide to make their while others buy them. You can add your own picture in the frames or a quote you both think will reflect your theme and the nature of your relationship. This picture frame can be a wooden one with all kinds of carvings or it can be made out of silver.

Most Popular Wedding Favors

Most Popular Wedding Favors (Photo by: Delysia Chocolatier)

You can also be creative and use colored paper or gemstones to adorn it. Bells are also a great symbol to give as a wedding keepsake. They can be real silver bells or made out of plastic or they can be bells made out of chocolate instead. Add clear cellophane on them and give them to the guests. Candles are also popular wedding favors and they come in lots of styles and shapes. Some are bigger in size while others have an unusual design or scent. You can use candles for a fall theme, a summer one, a rustic concept and many other wedding ideas. Even if these favors are popular, you need to find the items that will reflect your concept.


There are many containers you can use to store your wedding favors. Some are boxes, others are tins and you also have jars. They are perfect for a redneck concept, but you can use these containers for other themes as well. In them you can add candy, chocolates, mints and other elements which are specific to your wedding concept. If you want to go with the mini version, you should order these jars in bulk. Then move on to the favors. You can add candies in them which can be whichever colors you want, preferably colors that will match your color scheme. Add yellow and green mints which are perfect for a summer concept or red ones which will be perfect for a winter theme. They can also be shaped like boots or snowflakes.

For a fall theme find jelly shaped as leaves or pumpkin figurines. Again, play with the colors and don’t stop at just one shade. These miniature jars can also be filled with honey. Buy the jars from a farmer’s market. You can leave the label on them or add another one on top with your names or with your marriage date. Instead of honey, homemade jam jars can also be bought. You can also add small soaps in these jars. They will need to be miniature ones as well. You can buy them from well known soap brands or you can order them from a  handmade shop. These soaps can be scented ones.

Miniature Jar Wedding Favor

Miniature Jar Wedding Favor (Photo by: Lidija Kamansky)

Coconuts, vanilla, strawberry, cheery, cinnamon and other spices are just a few of the scents you can opt for. Add them in the jars and then use a colored label on which you can write a thank you message. You can also use ribbons to adorn the jars and write your thank you message on the ribbons. You can add whichever mementos you want in these jars, just make sure they are the right size. Have fun with decorating your favors or making your own wedding mementos. Respect your theme and color scheme and stick to your budget. There is no need to overspend where there are so many great sales you can benefit from.


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