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If you are someone who loves sweets and you wish to use them as wedding favors, you should start by finding the kind of candy that you like. There are many candy stores online you can browse and check out. You can give the guests some unique looking candy or some interesting combinations. You can find milk and honey mixtures, minty ones, fruity and many other flavors. They can be regular shaped ones or they can be customized and you can order some really interesting shapes. For a fall theme you could look for some candy with a leaf insertion on them or heart shaped ones. For a beach wedding give the guests some tropical candy flavors like pineapples ones or coconut ones. The way you wrap up these favors is also very important.

You can find all kinds of pouches and tins in which the candy can be added. The tins can be engraved with your full names or your initials but you can also add a quote, some stickers or some customized labels. If you know how to make homemade candy then go ahead and make some for the guests. If not order them online and if you buy them in bulk them will come a lot cheaper. You will also have to decide on the color because they come in almost every shade there is. You can hand out dark brown candy, green ones, pink, red, blue , yellow and lots of other colors.

Wedding Candy Favors

Wedding Candy Favors (Photo by:

They can be multicolored ones if you want the guests to try a variety of tastes or you can choose just one. You and your future groom should decide on this together. He might like something different than you and this way your wedding favors would reflect both of your likes and tastes. These candy favors are just a small thank you note addressed to your guests and a way to let them know that you appreciate the fact that they have attended your wedding event. So forget about the costs and the value of the favors and focus on its meaning.


Offering favors to the guests at a wedding has become a tradition over the years. They of course vary but you will always find a proper wedding keepsake for your big day. There are lots of stores to check out and many items to browse. These favors are based on the wedding theme. You can find candles, candle holders, candy, chocolate, wine openers, key chains, charms and many other unique mementos. You will also have to look for some kind of wrappers or boxes. The box doesn’t necessarily have to be a square shaped one. There are lots of other containers in which these favors can be added as well.

You can buy them in bulk and you can get them at some amazing costs. Discounted stores can also carry these kinds of containers and you can even personalize them. The square shaped containers can be used to add candy, candles, decorative elements and even edibles. Opt for whichever colors and shades match your wedding concept. You can also combine two colors or choose a box with some special designs on it. You can give the guests their favors in some take out boxes or some interesting boxes with handles. You can also opt for tins or containers made out of metal. They can store mints and other types of candy.

Wedding Favor Box Ideas

Wedding Favor Box Ideas (Photo by: blissweddingsmarket)

These boxes can be made out of different materials, some from cardboards others form paper. If you want to have a finished look with a more elegant gift adding bows to these boxes is a good way to do just that. Stickers with your initials can be added or other types of personalized labels. You can also write your marriage date on the boxes or any kind of special quote, sayings or phrases that you think are relevant. Remember that these boxes will not require a bigger investment from you. If you are lucky you can find most of the boxes at discounted prices if not you will have to pay full price for them. But that doesn’t mean you have to go for the priciest ones.


There are lots of different cupcakes recipes out there. If you know how to make these delicious treats then save yourself some money and make these favors yourself. If you need help in the kitchen then ask your bridesmaids to lend a hand. They can stir and mix up all the ingredients while you decorate them. The tasks should be divided so the work can be done a lot faster. The cupcakes can be filled with some nugget cream, caramel filling or some chocolate chips. You can also add some dried fruits in them like raisins. If you have a butterfly theme going on then use chocolate butterflies to decorate these cupcakes.

You can also adorn them with some colored icing. For a fall theme ad some orange leaves and some orange mousses on top of the cupcakes while for a summer theme you can add flowers on top of the cupcakes. Writing your initials on them with mousse is an easy thing to do and a fun way to personalize these treats. You will also have to find some interesting wrapper for them. If you do not want to personalize the cupcakes you can do it with the wrapper. They can be added in some plastic pouches, some jars or some gift boxes. A colored bow can be added on top of the boxes or you can engrave something on them. You can also give the guests some fun candles shaped as cupcakes. They can even be scented ones.

Wedding Cupcake Favors

Wedding Cupcake Favors (Photo by: Susan Rust)

However this will require a bigger financial investment from you and this is something that cannot be done by you. But there are professional stores and specialists who make these kinds of things. You can also give the guests some miniature vases painted with some cupcakes. Just because you want to give the guests cupcakes as wedding mementos that doesn’t mean that you have to choose the edible version. These cupcakes can be simple and fun drawings or you can look for some key chains shaped as cupcake or candles even. Be inspired and let your imagination run wild when it comes to your wedding keepsakes.


Giving the guests some wedding favors are usually small mementos which should be representative for your wedding theme. They can be handmade ones or you can buy them. If you are planning a beach theme wedding you could look for some unique sea elements which you can use. You can give the guests some sun lotion or some beach bags. If you are getting married in a more rustic setting you could give the guests some sweets shaped as cowboy hats or some miniature pumpkins filled with candy. You can buy pralines or you can make them at home. They can be shaped as hearts which is perfect for a more romantic wedding theme.

You can also personalize some chocolate bars by adding your initials on the wrappers. Giving beverage as wedding favors is also a good choice even if it can be a costly one. Instead of regular sized bottle you can buy some miniature wine bottles or some candles resembling champagne bottles. If you like to design and decorate thins you can buy some rhinestones and some gems and use them to decorate some picture frames , notebooks or some clocks. You can also prepare a small gift basket with all of your favorite snacks. You can add some olive oil in it, some olive oil soaps and aromatherapy candles, some of your favorite salty and sweet treats and whatever you think it’s necessary. You don’t have to bake anything too complex if you don’t have the time or patience to deal with these kinds of favors.

Simple Wedding Favors

Simple Wedding Favors (Photo by: Sila EKE)

You can always invest your money in some hand painted decorative vases, some wine openers with unique symbols or silver charms. Check out more than one store before you make up your mind because the prices will vary and so will the quality of the products. These favors have to be simple mementos of your wedding day and they have to be chosen based on your likes. You and your future groom should decide on this together just like you do with the rest of the wedding details.


There are endless symbols you can include in your wedding favors. Most of them are based on your wedding theme and concept. For a beach or a more tropical concept you could include various sea elements or celestial symbols. A star can be added as decoration for the miniature cakes or cupcakes you give to the guests or it can be a silver engraving on a picture frame. You can also buy the guests some unique looking sunglasses shaped as stars. They can be worn at the beach and can have lots of funky designs and colors. You can also look for some star charms which can be given in some gift boxes and wrapped around with a bow and small thank you card. These charms can be silver ones or they can be brushed gold ones.

You can also engrave something if you think is something worth investing in. You can make these charms yourself from different glass beads and gems and put together some inspired bracelets as wedding favors. If you love to bake and prepare sweets then offer the guests some homemade chocolate shaped as stars. It can be white or dark chocolate. You can also sprinkle something onto the star chocolate like some pieces of caramel or some chocolate chips. Look at some cooking tutorials online on how to make delicious sweets and see if you are willing to try some new recipes. It will cost you less if you buy the ingredients yourself and if you also warp up these wedding favors.

Star Wedding Favors

Star Wedding Favors (Photo by: thecookiemoms)

You need to be open minded to these new ideas and trials if you want your wedding mementos to be one of a kind. You can also find some candy shaped as stars or you can have them custom made. But this will imply a lot more costs. So think about it and think how much money you want to invest in these keepsakes. You don’t have to buy expensive star items when you can easily make something and put your imagination to work.


Giving edible treats to your guests can be a great way to remind them of your wedding event. You can buy cupcakes, candy or maybe some cookies. They can be regular shaped cookies or you can do something special with them and transform them in some fortune cookies. It might be a bit tricky at first but if you have some skills and if this is not your first time making elaborate desserts then go for it. If not you can always order them from a bakery. They can be colorful as well just to give them a more interesting look. They can be red, brown, green and whatever other colors you think is a good choice for your wedding concept as well. 

You will also have to add the little piece of paper which tells the fortune. For this you will have to get very creative and come up with some interesting lines. You can use something like : “Now these three remain, faith, hope, and love. The greatest of these is love”, “Instead of worrying and agonizing, move ahead constructively”, “Your dearest dream is coming true. God looks after you especially”, “Love can turn cottage into a golden palace.” You can also go for some funny phrases such as: “You will kiss your crush ohhh lalahh”, “Try? No! Do or do not, there is no try” or “A new business venture is on the horizon”. You can also be a lot more creative with them and add some famous quotes from authors you like. You can also add a more comical note by using jokes in the fortune cookies.

Fortune Cookie Wedding Favors

Fortune Cookie Wedding Favors (Photo by: redhotjezebel)

You can choose the traditional fortune cookies or you can adapt them to your desires. As far as the containers for them it can be either some miniature baskets in which you can add them, some colored pouches or some cellophane. Use a big colored bow if you want or you can also add some stickers on the bags with your initials or your marriage date. They can be presented this way and the guests will remember such mementos.


It’s always a lot more affordable to be the one making your wedding favors. Imagine how much money you can save up if you only get creative and do something about this. If you are good at making desserts and you are renowned for making some delicious cakes or cupcakes then think of giving the guests some miniature cakes as wedding favors. They can be decorated with flowers, stars, your initials or some butterflies. If your wedding theme is all about butterflies then you should go ahead and decide to use these decorations on the favors. You can bake  a round cake and then have it covered in colorful butterflies.

The cake can also be a chocolate one and you can use white butterflies for it. if you wish to use butterflies for a fall theme then buy them in some orange and purple colors. You can also give your cake the shape of a butterfly if you have the tools you need at home. Then simply color the cake with some icing or write your initials on it. Another idea would be to decorate some vases with miniature butterflies. They can be very practical wedding favors are they are also affordable. You can buy them from the Dollar store or from a flee market if you can find the exact number of vases that you need. There are also all kids of stores that sell decorations in bulk at a very good price.

How To Decorate Wedding Favors With Butterflies

How To Decorate Wedding Favors With Butterflies (Photo by: Bill and Jane Watson)

You will be able to find small and bigger butterflies and use them on your vases. Picture frames maybe also be adorned this way. If you want to buy candles you can either buy butterflies shaped ones or simple add some butterflies and embellish the candles. These  butterflies can be the wrapped for the candles and you can even write something one. Personalizing theses mementos will make them even more special and memorable for the guests. They can be edibles favors, decorative ones or some simple keepsakes that you think best represent your wedding concept and likes.


Sometimes a little creativity and wit is all you need to put together some amazing wedding favors for  the guests. Instead of buying these keepsakes for the guests you should make them. If you have a certain talent you need to use it. This talent of yours will save you a lot of money and the only thing you will need to invest is your creativity. If you love to make desserts then why not make them for the guests? You can bake some delicious cupcakes and  decorate them in some unique ways. Lots of comical figurines can be bought from online bakeries which can be used as decorations for the cupcakes. You can add some bride and groom toppers on them, bows, butterflies, birds and other animal figurines. You can also use a unique filling for the cupcakes. It can be a combination that only you know like your own secret recipe.

If you have a special recipe for cookies or biscuits then make them for the guests and use some clear cellophane and a colored bow to give them a more detailed look. If you can paint then paint on some magnets. Each one of them can have a different image on them or you can engrave something on them. If decorating is one of your many skills then buy some pictures frames and personalize them by adding unique elements on them. They can contain pearls, gemstones, fabrics or they can be painted.

Inexpensive Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

Inexpensive Unique Wedding Favor Ideas (Photo by: Kati Angelini)

Some online tutorials might help you decide to go for one of these looks. Make sure that you get someone else to help you out because so making so many wedding favors is not an easy job. And even if this will not require you spending a lot of money it will require time and patience. You have to give your wedding mementos that unique touch. It can be a simple detail but that detail will make a big difference. So think long and hard about this and calculate your every step.


A beach wedding them means that you also have to get creative with your favors. Since the reception is on the beach or near it you should come up with some unique ideas which will represent your theme and will also impress the guests. Fish is a great symbol to use for this concept. You can find many styles and looks. Some can be edibles ones like cookies or decorations which you can use on top of some miniature cakes. They can be multicolored ones and they can be small or big. The sizes and the style of the fish you find in stores will also vary. You can also make yourself some fish shaped cookies which can be colored with some icing.

You can make blue fish for the male guests and pink ones for the female guests. Another interesting idea would be to buy the guests some picture frames which you can decorate with some colored fish. All you need is some stickers or some figurines and some glue and you can start the creation process. These frames can be white and you can even add a few shells here and there. This will not even cost you a lot of money. It is very important to know how to manage your budget for these favors. Some can cost you a lot of money and its easy to spend them all if you are not being reasonable. If you are looking some inexpensive items then buy them some key chains, some wine openers with fish models on them.

Fish Wedding Favors

Fish Wedding Favors (Photo by: who is pisces)

Candy shaped as fish can also be found but it will probably cost more since it has this unique shape. Check out different stores and analyze various prices before you make up your mind. Don’t get drawn to the first items you come across. You and your future groom should analyze all of your choices and think of the message you wish to send, if you want it to be a special one. You can also engrave the favors if you want. This will give them a more personal note.


Pralines can be bought from any candy store. You can find them in lots of varieties and flavors. The more unique their shapes are the more the guests will be drawn to these mementos. If you have a theme going on for the big day you should also focus on getting pralines which are representative for the concept of your wedding. For a fall theme you can look up some pralines resembling leaves or acorns. They can  be filled with some nuts and caramels. The sizes for these pralines vary from miniature ones to bigger sizes. For  a summer theme choose some pralines shaped as flowers or decorated with some colored petals.

They can be made out of dark or white chocolate and on top you can choose some models with leaf or some petal decorations, depending on your theme. Some couples also decide to personalize these pralines by adding their initials on them. This can be done with some colored icing as well. As far as the flavor combinations they are endless. The only way you will be able to tell which ones you like is by having a few sample tastes. You can choose yogurt and fruit mixtures, marzipan, almonds, rum, dark chocolate and so on. Once you have decided on the flavors you will also have to choose the boxes. They can be small and colorful ones. These boxes can be shaped like actual gifts with a big bow on top but you can also add the pralines in some pouches.

Pralines - Wedding Favor

Pralines – Wedding Favor (Photo by: Bruce Toy)

The color of these pouches can be the same ones as your whole wedding color palette. There needs to be a connection between the tones and shades you decide to go for. These containers are not expensive at all. If you want fancier ones like unique shaped glasses or some miniature vases you can buy them from specialized stores online. But this depends on how much money you are willing to spend on the containers. The important thing is that you are content with the mementos you choose for your wedding day and that they are satisfying for your guests.


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