Even if most favors have no real financial value and they are offered as a symbol and a souvenir from a special wedding, that doesn’t mean they aren’t charged with strong significance nor does it make them less important just because they are not expensive. Whether they are purchased of homemade – wedding favors are meant to be that unique item that guests get to take home and every time they look at it, they are supposed to remember about you and your dream wedding day. So, rule number 1 is never underestimate the importance of wedding favors.

They may be simple, but there are lots of things to know about these small gifts. First of all, it would be nice if you could personalize the wedding favors for each particular guest. However, not only does this process take time, it would also mean that you have to know your guests pretty well to get them a favor that actually symbolizes something familiar to them. And did you know that home-made wedding favors are actually the most appreciated ones around? Because they are unique (since it’s not an item purchased from the store, there are almost zero chances that another wedding will be giving out the same favors as well) and created with lots of passion, they value increases and makes it an item that people will cherish more than something you picked out from a shelf.

Get Married Favors is a website created out of the need to have more ideas related to wedding favors. We have tried not only to gather the information, but also to select some revealing pictures; pictures that will help you visualize what the perfect wedding favors should look like. Should you have additional ideas when reading one of our posts, feel free to use the comments features and let our staff and all the other Get Married Favors readers which are your ideas for wedding favors.11

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