Candles are the perfect keepsake to give to your guests. They represent romance and they can be found in many varieties. So if you are having a beach wedding you can find some shell candles while for a fall concept you can give the guests some candles shaped like leaves. Gel candles are also quite popular. They can be scented or not. You can find them in lots of colors and containers. Regular candles made out of wax can be molded and shaped in various forms and styles but gel candles usually come in a container. You cannot mold the gel. But you can look for some unique containers in which they can be stored.

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The containers can be a heart shaped one so the candles will also look like a heart. The gel can be white, pink or red. Pink candles are perfect for a summer or a spring theme. You can look for large containers or tall ones. These candles can be added in some Martini looking containers or in some elegant flutes. They can smell like wildflowers, fruits and whatever others scents you like. They can also have some flowers added in them like some orchids or some actual fruits. You can look for gel candles with some strawberries in them, some miniature apples, berries and so on. They can one half transparent gel and the other half can contain the piece of fruit or the flowers. You can also choose a candle with different pink tones or with a pink shade and another color.

Pink Gel Candle Wedding Favors

Pink Gel Candle Wedding Favors (Photo by: Erik Heitfield)

You can choose pink and blue candles, black and pink, gold and pink and so on. Maybe you will be lucky enough to find the exact same colors that you used for your wedding palette. As far as prices these candles are very affordable but it ultimately depends on where you decide to purchase them. Some candle brands cost more than others. You should keep your eyes open for any sales and for any major discounts that might be happening. Make a list of the candles you would like to buy and their prices and then decide on the favors that both you and your fiancée agree upon.


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